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Ethiopia Wubanchi Grade 1

Ethiopia Wubanchi Grade 1

Ethiopia Wubanchi Grade 1

Guji Wubanchi station is a cherry processing facility in Mesina, Guji zone that processes cherries from hundreds of local smallholder farmers.

‘Supernatural’ is a new processing method which augments the traditional natural sun-drying process by increasing opportunity for controlled aerobic fermentation during drying.

The small farmers in this region typically cultivate Jarc 74110, 74112 and 74165 sub-varieties of traditional Ethiopian heirloom varieties on small garden plots around their homes.


A perfect balance of strawberry note at the beginning, followed by ripe mango sour and korean pear sweetness

In Brief

Producer: Guji Wubanchi Washing Station
Region: Mesina, Guji
Altitude: 2,200 masl
Process: Supernatural
Flavour: Strawberry jam, Ripe Mango, Korean Pear

Best Used

7 days after roast
Within 2 months

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