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Kenya Tegu AA

Kenya Tegu AA

The Tegu Washing Station is one of the wet mills owned and operated by Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society in the Karatina town of Nyeri. The cooperative was founded in 1969 and currently has over 1200 members spread across 5 villages, each having an average of just under half a hectare. ‘Tegu’ translates to 'low location' because it is located in the foothills between Mount Kenya to the north and the Aberdaire range to the west.

The farmers hand-pick ripe cherries and depulp them using a disc pulper. It undergoes an overnight ‘dry’ fermentation before being washed and then fermented under water. The cherry is then washed again before being rested in the soaking tanks and then moved to the raised beds on the gentle slopes outside.

In Brief

Producer: Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society
Region: Karatina Town, Nyeri
Altitude: 1,700 masl
Varietal: SL28, SL34 & Batian
Process: Washed
Flavour: Cranberry, Orange Blossom, Passion Fruit, Hanrabong Tea

Best Used

7 days after roast
Within 2 months

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