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Seniman Kakao

Drinking Chocolate Box

Drinking Chocolate Box

Savour the richness of our drinking chocolate, no matter where life takes you. Each box is packed with 8 individual sachets, each weighing 25 g. Perfect for an office pick-me-up, a healthy treat on a camping trip, a delightful addition to your travel essentials, or a surprise for friends on game night. Designed for convenience, crafted for taste – our drinking chocolate sachets are your passport to indulgence on the go!

We delicately grind our 70% cacao chocolate block into a fine powder using chilled blades, ensuring the cocoa butter's richness remains intact.

Blend it with your milk of choice or simply stir in hot water for an unadulterated cocoa experience. Dive deep into the soul of Malaysian cacao with every sip.


We've harnessed a unique shock-cooling technique to make our chocolate melt into your drink more easily.

Steam Wand Method

Start with your cold liquid of choice in the milk jug.
Scoop Seniman chocolate on top.
Steam it in until it's a velvety blend and take it just a little hotter than you'd normally take milk, say 68ºC. Pour into a heated cup and serve!


Put the chocolate into a cup.*
Pour a little hot liquid over the chocolate.
Stir until it's creamy.
Keep adding and stirring until you've used up all 180 mL of the liquid.


The best ratio depends on you! Some like it thick and some like it thin, who am I to judge? I prefer 22g of chocolate for every 180 mL of liquid. Enjoy your unique Seniman  chocolate experience!

*Top tip: pour a little boiled water into your cup, swirl it around and throw it out to preheat your cup.


Ingredient: cacao beans (70%), refined cane sugar (30%)


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