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Cherrybomb Blend

Cherrybomb Blend


Delight in the playful notes of hard milk candy, evoking sweet summertime memories. This cheerful blend is complemented by the lush sweetness of mango, a flavour that conjures images of intimate evenings and heartfelt conversations. As you savour each sip, the refreshing warmth of rose bud emerges, providing a smooth and memorable finish.

Ever craved a coffee bursting with fruity allure? Dive into our tantalising blend, rich in body and vibrant in flavour. This isn't just any coffee—it's The Bomb!


50% Ethiopia Gomoro Guji Grade 1
50% Brazil Fazenda Chapadão 

Experience the perfect blend where Ethiopia's fruity notes meet Brazil's rich nuttiness. This harmonious synergy introduces new flavours and textures that balance each other beautifully, delivering tropical fruit sweetness, balanced acidity, and a rich body. And when paired with milk? BOOM! An explosion of creamy delight.

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