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Cafec Tsubame Mill Grinder

Cafec Tsubame Mill Grinder

On your journey towards the perfect brew you will encounter many obstacles... stale coffee is the undefeatable boss. The secret is not to face the boss at all. You must pre-empt the boss with the combo of fresh coffee beans and fresh grinding. It's imperative to grind those beans right before the brewing celebration begins.

The Tsubame Mill is the tool to meticulously grind the beans, ensuring their authentic flavour remains intact. Every turn of the hand, every grain crushed, is a step towards enveloping yourself in a deep, rich aroma. The brewing isn't just about beating the boss; it's time for ritual celebration - and this mill ensures you savour every second.

Ceramic Blade

The ceramic blade ensures your coffee is free from any metallic odour. Hand-grinding reduces friction heat, preserving the flavour integrity of your beans. On the other side, it's really difficult to master the constant rotation required for the perfect grind, but sometimes we don't have our EK-43 coffee grinder in the knapsack.

Stainless Body

Sleek and elegant in design, the mill boasts a stainless body that resists stains and scratches, free from any metallic smell. It is compact and an excellent companion for outdoor adventures.

Easily Disassembled and Washable

The ceramic blade should be taken apart regularly and cleaned to prevent rancid coffee oils from building up and tainting our brew.

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