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Brazil Carmem Lucia Microlot

Brazil Carmem Lucia Microlot


Back in 2013, during our first visit to Carmem Lucia's estate, she shared a quirky secret with me. As her coffee beans rested in their specially crafted wooden silos, she'd serenade them with melodies of classical tunes and, at times, beats of electronica. Now, this isn't some magical formula to enhance the beans – it doesn't change them a bit. Rather, it's a testament to Carmem's deep love for the coffee she cultivates. Don't mistake her for some high-heeled Datin with whimsical rituals. Carmem is a force of nature, always knee-deep in her fields, hands stained with the earth, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability in her production.


Across her estate, several plots serve as testing grounds, gauging how different varietals fare in varied microclimates. The Arara varietal, celebrated for its award-winning quality in Brazil, has thrived exceptionally under Carmem's nurturing gaze.

In Brief

Farm: Fazenda Caxambu Arancacu
Region: Tres Pontas, Sul de Minas
Altitude: 1,100 masl
Varietal: Honey Arara
Flavour: Tualang Honey, White Dragonfruit, Chamomile

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