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Seniman Kakao

Chocolate Bar 76% Nibs

Chocolate Bar 76% Nibs

Single Origin

The cacao for this bar comes from one farm in Malaysia. Here, farmers choose the art of cacao over selling out to palm cultivation. Why? Pure passion. At Seniman Kakao, we resonate with that fervour. Our aim is to celebrate and showcase the distinct flavours of every cacao origin we embrace.

Each bar has the origin stamped on the packet, so you will know where it comes from.

Chocolate Plus Chocolate

Cocoa nibs are the roasted beans broken up. They have even more of the origin flavour as they haven't been through 2-3 days of grinding yet. They are delicious, sugar-free, and add super healthy crunch to the chocolate bar.


    Cacao beans, refined cane sugar, cocoa butter (2%), roasted cocoa nibs (4%)

    Nutritional Facts (per 35 g)

    Energy : 641.9 KJ
    Protein : 2.4 g
    Fat, total : 12.9 g
    - saturated : 7.7 g
    Carbohydrate : 15.8 g
    - sugars : 9.0 g
    Sodium : 5.4 mg

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