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Colombia Fincamigos EF Tabi

Colombia Fincamigos EF Tabi


Vibrant notes of rhubarb's zesty tang, dolce orange's fragrant sweetness, and a subtle palm sugar finish, creating a balanced and intriguing tasting experience.


Fincamigos is an experimental farm run by Cafexport. The farm serves as a demo plot where they develop methods for cultivating exotic coffee varieties. They also explore ways to cultivate coffee in more socially and environmentally sustainable ways. Their lots are comprised of some of the most highly-sought-after coffee varieties including Sudan Rume, Geisha and Tabi. At Fincamigos, these high quality lots receive VIP treatment and are cultivated to help evoke their full potential.

In Brief

Producer: Cafexport
Region: La Arboleda, Jardin
Altitude: 1,830 masl
Varietal: Extended Fermentation Washed Tabi
Flavour: Rhubarb, Dolci Orange, Palm Sugar

Best Used

7 days after roast
Within 2 months

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