Café / Bakery / Restaurant

Exceptional Freshness: Would you buy stale bread because it's cheaper? Our commitment to purchasing current crop green coffee beans makes a difference: every cup you serve is alive with flavour, making each sip a vibrant experience that your customers will return for.
Our chocolate is fresh too: we have our own bean-to-bar factory called Seniman Kakao churning out fresh drinking chocolate and bars.

End-to-End Expertise: We started Malaysia's speciality coffee scene and you will benefit from our extensive experience in setting up and running successful cafes. We're here to provide guidance on all coffee and chocolate related aspects, helping you optimise your operations and barista drinks menu.

Boost Your Sales: Partner with us for a boost in your drinks sales based on quality. With our superior quality beans, fine Malaysian chocolate, and industry expertise, we aim to significantly enhance your customer satisfaction and your revenue.

Reach out to Nicolas today, and let's brew success together!

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Office / Event / Collaboration

Do you have an office that needs proper coffee in the break room? Is there an event where you need everyone awake and you want to make it something special?

We can supply offices with a coffee system or provide a full espresso machine and charming team of baristas for your event. Just let Shuk know what you're after in an email.



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