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Rwanda Gitega Hills #154

Rwanda Gitega Hills #154


Begin with the rich, sun-dried sweetness of Prune, move to the subtly sweet, slightly earthy with a hint of tartness in Jujube, and finish with the subdued chestnut flavours in the comforting embrace of Yude Azuki.

Bernard and his mills

Gitega Hills isn't just a washing station; it's where community meets ambition. Managed by local Rwandan, Bernard Uwitije, this station, under the banner of Trapro Coffee, was the pioneer among three stations established in 2016.

Today, it stands tall, producing a whopping 450 tonnes of green beans every harvest, courtesy of numerous dedicated local farmers. But Bernard's vision goes beyond mere production. He's deeply invested in his community, offering monthly agricultural training and gifting coffee seedlings to novices.

Especially heartfelt is Trapro's emphasis on assisting women and youth, particularly those who couldn’t chase higher education dreams. This isn't just business; it's a sustainable dream for the community's betterment.

In Brief

Producer: Trapro Coffee Washing Station
Region: Nyamagabe
Altitude: 1,900 masl
Varietal: Natural Red Bourbon
Flavour: Prune, Jujube, Yude Azuki

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