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Cherrybomb Blend

Cherrybomb Blend


Playful notes of mango candy, evoking memories of sweet summertime bliss. This lightheartedness is complemented by the deep richness of black cherry, a flavour reminiscent of intimate evenings and heartfelt conversations. As the experience unfolds, you'll be greeted by the warmth and earthiness of chestnut, grounding the profile and ensuring a smooth, memorable finish.

Ever craved a coffee bursting with fruity allure? Dive into our tantalising blend, rich in body and vibrant in flavour. This isn't just any coffee; this is the bomb!


Grade 1 Guji Shakiso - straight out of the Ethiopian highlands, this bean blasts vibrant fruit notes. The Sitio Gourita tethers the boom of the blast with its smooth body and sultry undertones.

Give it a sip, and when you're lost in its mesmerising taste, remember to send a nod of thanks our way!

60% Ethiopia Guji Shakiso G1
40% Brazil Sitio Gourita

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