You want great tasting coffee that will get your customers hooked? We do that.

Our cafe shares couple of things: consistent coffee and lots of happy customers. Coffee is going to become increasingly important to your customers. There's a different between standard coffee and coffee that get people hooked and we've nailed it. Many others found our coffee too sour at first. However, we knew what we liked and over time many of them came to agree with us.

You want consistent coffee? We do that.

Our roasting machine roasts in closed facility as Malaysia weather is extremely damaging to coffee. We just concentrate on creating good profiles and simply roast them. We also store all our coffee (green and roasted) in 24-hours climate controlled room. We vacuum pack our coffee with nitrogen flush. We take all measures to ensure that the coffee is as good as it can be. That's how we want it to be when your customers drink it.

You want something different from others? We can do it.

We source beans from all over the world. From different estates, different varietals, different processing and we are able to roast it to accent different flavors. The possibilities are endless. We roast the beans to get the best flavors out of it. If you'd like something a bit different, let us know.

You want coffee training? We train working baristas.

With so much experience in the trade, we know the difference between theory and competition coffee and the reality of rapidly making excellent coffee. All our baristas are trained in-house and we can offer the same training for yours.

We want to know what you want.

Our business is based on relationships: we are friends with farmers that supply us coffee and we want to forge the same friendship with you. You will get one of us whose job it is to listen to your requirements and try to meet them. Our peoples are not just a sales person; each has spent time on the pump and knows the cafe scene inside out.

Contact us. Let's talk!

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