Kenya Karie AB



560 Karatina Smallholders

Rutuma Farmers Cooperative Society

1,900 masl

SL 28, SL 34, K7 & Ruiru 11

Fully Washed

Nectarine, Blackcurrant, Black Tea


This AB lot was produced by numerous smallholder farmers, all of whom are members of the Rutuma Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) delivering to Karie Coffee Factory. The factory is located near the town of Karatina.

Processing at the Karie wet mill adheres to stringent quality-driven methods. All coffee cherries are handpicked and are delivered to the mill on the same day, where they undergo meticulous sorting. Factory employees oversee the process and any underripe or damaged cherries will not be accepted by the ‘Cherry Clerk’. Any rejected coffee will have to be taken back home. This to ensure farmer members are incentivised to only pick and deliver the ripest cherry that they can.

After pulping the cherries are delivered to one of the factory’s fermentation tanks, where it will ferment for between 12 to 48 hours depending on the ambient temperature at the time. After this, the coffee is fully washed to remove all traces of mucilage, during which time it will be graded. The coffee will be delivered the factory’s raised drying beds and dry here slowly over the course of 2 to 3 weeks, during which time it will be turned regularly and covered during the hottest part of the day.

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